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Doh Eain (“Our Home”) is a social enterprise aimed at heritage conservation and urban renewal. Our starting point is that Yangon is a unique and beautiful city, with many features that are assets of not only historical, cultural and natural significance but also of social and economic benefit. Key in our model are Yangon’s home-owners and residents, whom we help to become aware of the social and economic value of these assets and how to capitalize on them, thereby also creating incentives to preserve and look after these assets for their preservation and continued use.

We work on both private and public space and do this for the benefit of families, the community and the city at large. One part of our portfolio consists of revenue-generating projects, which then help pay for other purely social initiatives. For example, through advice on more profitable use of their heritage properties, and subsequent design and renovation assistance, we help heritage home owners unlock the value of their buildings, while also generating funds for the improvement of public spaces such as community gardens and children’s playgrounds. We emphasize a citizen-led, creative, sustainable and financially viable approach.

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