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Doh Eain (“Our Home”) is a non-for-profit social enterprise aimed at citizen-led heritage conservation and urban renewal in Yangon. Founded in 2015, our office brings together skills in participatory research, design thinking, urban planning and architecture.  

We design solutions that improve private and public space in Yangon for the benefit of families, the community and the city at large. Key in our model are Yangon’s home-owners and residents, whom we help to become aware of the value and potential of historical, cultural, social and natural assets in the city and whom we make central agents in our design processes in order to ensure local ownership and impact. Four principles are key to our work: 1) local leadership and user-centeredness, 2) Asset-based and creative, 3) ecological sustainability and 4) financial viability.

Doh Eain is registered as a non-profit organisation, incorporating a subsidiary company limited for its revenue-generating activities. We rely on and apply a diversified set of financing methods, attracting loans and grants for revenue generating and non-revenue generating activities.

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