Our Model

Doh Eain provides three types of services to property owners

  • Advisory services on better and/or more profitable use of properties/spaces
  • Actual design and renovation works
  • Property management, i.e. support with subsequent leasing out or use of a property or space

For profitable activities, home owners and Doh Eain enter into a five year agreement, during which Doh Eain takes responsibility for securing a profitable rental or other agreement. During the first 2-3 years of this agreement renovation costs are paid back from the newly generated income.

During these 5 years 15% of the newly generated income of buildings or spaces goes to Doh Eain to cover its operational expenses including continuous trainings for our architectural design, urban planning and construction teams. This income is also used to satisfy agreements with our financers.

In addition, during these 5 years home owners contribute an average of 15% of the newly generated income to a fund, to be used for non-profit activities such as the improvement of common building elements such as roofs and facades as well as public spaces such as community gardens and children’s playgrounds. The fund is set up as a separate non-profit legal entity, and is open to monetary or in-kind co-financing by philanthropists and institutional donors.


A project that costs 12000 USD in terms of renovation, leads to an income increase from 350 USD to 1000 USD per month. During the first 28 months, the owner will pay back 420 USD/month, receive 280 USD/month, contribute 150 USD to the Fund, and pay 150 USD to Doh Eain for its services. After 28 months, the owner will receive 700 USD/month, contribute 150 USD to the Fund, and pay 150 USD to Doh Eain for its services. After 5 years, the home owner can decide whether to continue the arrangement with Doh Eain or not.

In this case, during the course of 5 years, rather than 21,000 USD in total the apartment will generate 30,240 USD for the home owner as well as 9,000 for the Fund. This 9,000 can be used to repair the façade, upgrade the back alley, or contribute to another public space initiative.