Our vision, mission and objectives


A Yangon City upgraded in terms of attractiveness, safety, cleanliness and sustainability, and owned and enjoyed by the original residents who actively take part in developing the city’s rich and diverse legacy. 


Help Yangon’s home owners, residents and local authorities see the socio-economic significance of historical, cultural and natural assets present in Yangon, and help them capitalize on these assets, thereby creating incentives for their future preservation.


To upgrade a minimum of 100 properties or spaces in a commercially viable way, thereby generating at least 1,000,000 for other urban renewal projects


We believe that urban areas in which people themselves are actively investing in their properties and surroundings are the ones that are the most vibrant.


We do not attribute the uniqueness of Yangon to a single cultural/ temporal origin or socio-economic segment but acknowledge the multiple historical layers of which the city is made up and which it should continue to incorporate.


We work with local and sustainable materials, and seek to contribute to health, liveability and sustainability standards in the city.

Market driven/financially viable for (impact) investors

We do not seek to maximise profit but work with acceptable rates of return for investors and home-owners, believing that a market-driven approach is ultimately most sustainable.