Our vision, mission and objectives


Cities upgraded in terms of beauty, livability, inclusiveness and sustainability, enjoyed by its residents who actively take part in developing a city’s rich and diverse legacy.


To design user-centered solutions that preserve and improve historical, cultural, social and natural assets the city


To upgrade a minimum of 30 properties or spaces per year, following four principles.

Locally led & user centred

Following human centred-design theory, we engage individuals and the community in building a common project. We believe that urban areas in which people themselves are actively investing in their properties and surroundings are the ones that are the most vibrant.

Asset-based & creative

We design a positive, fun process that helps residents see strengths and imagine their neighbourhoods in new ways. We acknowledge the multiple historical layers of which the city is made up and which it should continue to incorporate.

Environmentally friendly & sustainable

We work as much as possible with local and sustainable materials, and seek to contribute to health, liveability and sustainability standards in the city. We make sure that we deliver quality projects that will last in Yangon’s harsh climate. 


Where possible we create business cases for regeneration, the income of which can sustain the projects in the future as well as other less or non-revenue generating renewal activities.