bogalayzay Street Improvement Project

With the support of the Singapore Tourism Board, Doh Eain has worked with the community of Bogalay Zay to re-imagine their street.

Through a series of meetings and community workshops, local residents and business owners came together to prepare for Singapore Festival 2018 and discuss their long-term aspirations for the street. This process included asset mapping, vision development and generating design strategies collectively.

“We would like Bogalayzay Street to continue being a welcoming, clean and quiet street - a street that is friendly, sociable, calm and beautiful with many flowers. A place where the elderly, neighbors, tourists, students, families and shoppers can enjoy the many beautiful historic buildings, walk easily, relax, talk with friends, and learn.”
Vision Statement
Bogalayzay Street Community

street enhancements

Among the key issues identified during the community workshops, the following are the design priorities approved by the street committee.

1. Street Lighting

In the past, Bogalay Zay Street lacked sufficient lighting especially in the evenings with few building-mounted lights and street lamps. To improve street safety and create a welcoming environment for visitors and residents to enjoy the street at night, string lighting have been installed in two of the darkest areas of the street.

2. Neighbourhood Flowers and Greenery

During the community workshops, the local community highlighted the importance of flowers and greenery in their vision for the street. Having greenery integrated into the urban environment has many benefits, most notably improved air quality. Flowers also make environments more welcoming and are often a sign of a safe environment.

In response, Doh Eain and the residents committee organised a community planting day on 24 and 25 November 2018. Inspired by the neighbourhood planting days commonly organised in Singapore and the Garden City’s urban greenery, the Bogalay Zay community planting day saw over 150 participants over the two days and resulted in over 406 plants being added to the street.

3. Parklets

Through the community workshops, the resident and business community highlighted the lack of outdoor seating space particularly during large community events like Singapore Festival 2018. However, pedestrian flow on the pavements and limited parking were also identified as priority issues through the surveys.

To address these needs, Doh Eain and the residents committee decided to introduce parklets to the street. Two parklets were installed the week before and during the Festival. Modular in nature, they can be configured differently each day – giving the community the opportunity to test, discuss and visualise potential adaptation to the street.

3-Day Singapore Festival on Bogalayzay Street

Launched in 2016, Singapore Festival is an annual celebration of Singapore in Myanmar. Across the years, the Singapore Tourism Board’s signature event has featured a hotly anticipated Singapore travel fair, along with exclusive Singapore-related F&B promotions and interactive displays. 2018 have seen the third edition of Singapore Festival in Yangon.

Activities undertaken:

  • 500mmk street food festival
  • Play activities
  • Performances and Opening ceremony
  • Art installations
  • Community business promotions
  • Placemaking activities