Doh Eain is focused on creating great places in the city through heritage-led placemaking. Placemaking is the process of transforming space into place; of amplifying or giving identity, meaning and collective memory to a specific location and creating a sense of neighborhood, while delivering concrete improvements to the built environment. Placemaking inspires people to collectively remember, reimagine and reinvent spaces at the heart of the community and turn them into places that contribute to quality of life.

In Doh Eain’s approach to placemaking, heritage occupies a central role. As much as possible, rather then creating new meaning, we seek to leverage existing senses of place, whether linked to built heritage or intangible heritage such as language, ritual, custom, arts or food. Recognising that those who engage professionally with heritage can be at odds with local community attachments, world views and ways of life, our heritage-led placemaking concentrates on understanding communities’ ways and experiences of being in a place and how places are already invested with meaning and order.

For Doh Eain, placemaking is as much about making as about place. We want important transformations to happen as much in the mind of participants as in the physical space itself. By facilitating communal processes of shaping spaces into places, we want to deliver good place and inspire and empower people.