Based on our experience in Myanmar and with the context of an Asian developing country in mind we concentrate our impact efforts in the following areas:

  • SENSE OF PLACE: Preserving heritage assets and increasing resident’s appreciation of and attachment to the neighbourhood
  • COMMUNITY: Increasing social interactions and building social cohesion through our processes and with the places we deliver
  • ACCESSIBILITY AND SAFETY: Delivering places that are accessible and safe for everyone including girls, women, the elderly and people with disabilities
  • HEALTH: Contributing to people’s health through providing places that stimulate movement, activity (walking, biking, exercise), as well as providing clean, green spaces that contribute to hygiene and the quality of air
  • WELLBEING: Delivering comfortable, interesting places that are protected from the sun, heat, wind, rain, dust and noise and facilitate enjoyment and play
  • ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY: Contributing to ecological sustainability by using local sustainable materials; realising and encouraging reductions in fossil energy use; and building green spaces
  • LOCAL ECONOMIES: Contributing to livelihoods and income generation in neighbourhoods through increased economic activity and tourism, making sure we spread our projects amongst more and less economically advanced areas
  • AGENCY: Inspire and empower people to become more active agents actively shaping their living conditions