6.5 Miles marketplace playground

This project is considered as Doh Eain’s pioneer playground design project. Initially, City Mart approached Doh Eain with an interest of improving an underutilized space at 6.5 Mile Marketplace. The space is located on the second level of 6.5 Mile Marketplace, between two shopfronts. The existing site is an open area with a few planters installed near the balcony facing into the streets and a big planter combined with seating in the middle of the allocated site. City Mart envisions a public indoor playground that caters to the children and families that visit 6.5 Mile Marketplace.

According to Doh Eain’s participatory design approach, instead of proceeding ahead with design process without any inputs from users, Doh Eain team carried out surveys to better understand the existing usage of the site and visitors’ expectations of a playground at the Marketplace. Doh Eain further explored the potential users (mainly children and their guardians) and their interests and expectations regarding the playground through a Children’s workshop event over a weekend at 6.5 Mile Marketplace (Children’s Playground Workshop).

Considering all the information collected from the surveys and participatory design workshop, Doh Eain came up with a playground design that caters to different natures of children while providing an adventurous play experience with a hint of educative elements as part of the design.