Doh Eain is a multi-discipline urban design firm based in Yangon, Myanmar. In a world or rapid urbanisation, we want to make sure cities are beautiful, liveable, inclusive and sustainable. 
That is why Doh Eain specialises in restoring heritage buildings, creating good quality public space, and organising city events and experiences. We do this through bespoke combinations of our five core capabilities: 

Space/ Community Mapping

(Participatory) Design



Space Management/ Programming

  • Community research & mapping
  • Participatory urban design
  • (Prefinanced) renovation/upgrading works
  • Property management including tenant support and cultural programming

Doh Eain’s core business is creating great places. To that end, Doh Eain works with clients on regeneration projects, providing community mapping, participatory design, restoration/construction supervision, and place management services. In addition, Doh Eain invests in places or buildings directly, employing a prefinanced scheme where the investment is earned back over time through a revenue sharing agreement with the building or land owner. During this period of revenue-sharing Doh Eain generally takes responsibility for the management of the building or place. 

All projects we work on adhere to the principles we have set and are primarily intended to contribute to a better urban environment. In addition, 5% of our revenue is contributed to our non-profit entity which focuses on research, education and campaigning initiatives. 


After opening a shop on a nearby street and moving into the space upstairs, Daw Moe Moe Win and her sister decided to collaborate with Doh Eain in upgrading their previous apartment. Over the course of 4 months, Doh Eain spent 13,000 renovating Daw Moe Moe Win’s old apartment on 25 street. After renovation, rent went up from 235 USD/month to 950 USD/month. Deducting monthly payments for the renovation (including cost of capital), Doh Eain’s operations, and the 5% CSR fee, Daw Moe Moe Win now earns 350 USD/month. She is assured of this income for the coming 5 years and will not have to worry about maintenance. After 5 years, she can take over organising tenants or continue work with Doh Eain as property manager at a reduced rate.

Home owners together with the Doh Eain project team