Street furniture

Street furniture – a collective of objects and equipment installed along the streets for functional and aesthetic purposes.

While transforming the alleyways of Yangon, urban street furniture plays a huge role in Doh Eain transforming the underutilized spaces into vibrant ones. Street furniture includes a series of items, but not limited to, shelters, seatings, lights, street signs, bollards, litter bins and planters.

Street furniture is a crucial catalyst in Alley Garden projects that encourages people to come use the space and to create new friendships and networks in the community. We believe that street furniture of different sizes and arrangements can help determine how the space is structured for certain uses and help control people’s movements and behaviours in that space.

Not only Doh Eain is interested in further exploring different functional and aesthetic aspects of urban street furniture, we are also very keen to develop our own category of durable, sustainable and easily replicable street furniture. Currently, we have experimented with a few designs and we are looking forward to prototype more iterations and fine-tuning for replications in the future.