6 values are key to us as a team:


We have echoes of all different people in us.  We don’t just put ourselves into different shoes, we wear different shoes.  We have the capacity to understand that there are different sensitivities, habits and conditions to take into account.  Empathy is the first step in taking compassionate impactful actions


We have the courage to recognise what we don’t know and the desire and determination to continuously learn and keep moving forward. We help others to do the same. We learn and do through a flexible and collaborative approach.


We believe that visible actions are important when sparking people’s imagination, and to build confidence and momentum. Rather than endless research without action, we prototype early, so we can test and learn and build on the experience and reactions.


We cherish the diversity in our team, in the communities we work in, and amongst stakeholders in a place, emphasizing the importance of different perspectives. We concentrate on dialogue and trust building to draw out and attain common goals.


For us, integrity is about knowing your values, being transparent, and communicating your values through words and actions, being willing to adapt, standing up for your values, and when you don’t live up to your values, recognising that and accepting critique gracefully.


We create fun.  It is the main driver and central to the work that we do. Our joy is seeing people happy with the work that we do.