Work with communities, preserve heritage, improve public space and build solutions that benefit Yangon during a volunteer opportunity with us.

Learn something new and take part in a volunteer opportunity at Doh Eain. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to contribute to make Yangon more livable, inclusive and sustainable.


You’ll become more confident and discover more of what you’re capable of and interested in as you work with and meet people from different ages, gender, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic groups and religion. Our volunteer opportunities all contribute to building well designed and inclusive places have profound and positive impacts on the lives of Yangon’s citizens. You’ll use your time, energy, and skills to help us building places that make a difference.

Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to also gain new skills and learn from the people you meet. You’ll work alongside experienced professionals. This will help you build your knowledge and skills like communication and team work. You’ll also be able to learn from our passionate and dedicated staff.

why should you volunteer?

Joining Doh Eain as a volunteer will give you the possibility to:

– get to know other people that care about the city and want to make a change

– further develop your soft skills like working in teams and hosting activities

– further develop you research skills like mapping, interviewing.

what would you do?

As a Doh Eain volunteer, you will:

– help collecting knowledge and learning from other people by for example conducting observations, surveys and street interviews.

– help generating ideas and prototype these to iterate by for example by assisting brainstorm and workshop.

– help bringing solutions solution to life and building them by assisting in building workshop like murals, street furniture, planting.

how can you apply?

Join our Doh Eain Facebook Group to keep up to date about our volunteer opportunities.

By mailing [email protected]

By contacting the office 09457231107