Urban Design and Social Dynamics in Yangon - A Glimpse Behind the Scenes with Doh Eain

There is no better way to discover this city than by walking its streets and absorbing its history, transformation and challenges. Join us on our unique walking tour through one of the most beautiful streets of Yangon. This is no ordinary walking tour – not only will you visit one of Yangon’s iconic heritage sites with historical interpretation from your personal guide – but you will get exclusive behind-the-scene experiences including visiting hidden heritage sites, Doh Eain’s urban renewal projects, hear local stories of the city’s transformation and challenges. This will provide you with a unique glimpse into Yangon’s rich history and daily contemporary life.

This tour will show you unique urban characteristics of Yangon in terms of its planning and design and social dynamics. We will explore one of the hidden alleyways of downtown, where Doh Eain is working with diverse communities to transform former waste dumps to vibrant places where people can meet and play; and helps to tackle the growing waste management challenges. Next to that you will visit a renovated heritage building and hear how we help preserving the city’s historical and cultural assets.

Yangon is a city filled with incredible history, colonial-era architecture and culture. If you are looking for a unique way to engage with and experience this city – this tour is for you. At the same time, you support our mission because all proceeds of this tour will go towards upkeep of the alleyways and other projects, while the attention will support ownership and pride in the alleyway neighborhoods and home owners we work with. 

Our local architects, urban planners or community engagement officers will lead the walks. We guarantee you a memorable experience!

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tour outline

  • Our tour begins at our office in 41 street where you will explore an alleyway, recreated with art into a place to play and meet. Here we will introduce you to our story and work you will hear first-hand about the project and learn more about waste and transportation challenges in Yangon.
  • The tour will then move to one of the most iconic public buildings, the Secretariat, where General Aung San was assassinated in 1947.
  • Walking along Bogalazay Street, you will try the best mohinga in Downtown and your guide will introduce you to its history, local stories and urban future. And show you one of our renovated heritage apartments.
  • Next we will visit the market that gave the Bogalazay Street its name on the way to our office in 41 street.
  • Start Point: Doh Eain Office at 41 street
  • End Point: Doh Eain Office at 41 street
  • Duration: approximately 1.5 hours
  • Price: 15 USD per person (min 4 persons, max 12 persons)

Important disclaimer: All tour attendees participating in a Doh Eain walking tour do so at their own risk and waive any liability claims against Doh Eain or the individual tour guide when they agree to join a Doh Eain tour. This includes illness and injury as well as loss, damage, or theft to any walker’s property while they are participating in a Doh Eain walking tour.