Alley Garden project

Finished Alleys
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Ongoing Alleys

The alley garden project on 27th street was started in July 2016, and aims to demonstrate the possibility of utilising wasteland for recreation and social cohesion purposes. Yangon has many kilometers of back alleys, but at present these are solely used as rubbish dumps, attracting pests. We aim to demonstrate how Yangon’s many alleyways could be used as clean and healthy recreational spaces featuring gardens, street art and children’s play grounds as well as recycling and composting techniques. 

You can still support the alley way project by making a donation through our crowd funding page, or by bringing your donation to no 79, 27th street between 9 am and 7 pm daily. Please find all the details here.


The alley garden project would never have been possible without the generous support of our backers. View the full list of all our supporters here.

Ongoing Alley Ways

6 & 7th street lower block
9 & 10th Street Middle block
Sule Pagoda Road/32nd lower block
Bosoonpat/31st Lower block
Shwebonthar/29th Upper block
41st-42nd Street lower block

Completed Alleyways

Watch this video by BTP on one of our alley garden projects

This video is by No. 2 Art Area, a collective of street artists involved in decorating a number of the alleys.