Finished Alleys
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Ongoing Alleys

The first Alley Garden project in Yangon was completed on 27th Street (lower block) in July 2016. As of June 2018, we have completed eight alley garden projects.

Yangon has many kilometers of back alleys, but at present these are solely used as rubbish dumps, attracting pests. We aim to demonstrate how Yangon’s many alleyways could be used as clean and healthy recreational spaces featuring gardens, street art and children’s playgrounds, incorporating recycling and composting techniques.

Ongoing Alleyways

We are now working on expanding the project to another locations, including downtown Yangon and other townships. There are four new alley gardens we are planning to launch before the end of 2019, including a Myanmar traditional arts and crafts themed alley garden, a youth-led design theme alley garden and another two alley gardens. Stay updated with our announcements!

Completed Alleyways

Find our completed alleyways on the map below.

Watch this video by BTP on one of our alley garden projects
Video by No. 2 Art Area, a collective of street artists involved in decorating a number of the alleys.


The alley garden project would never have been possible without the generous support of our backers. View the full list of all our supporters here.

I think the work you are doing with Doh Eain is amazing. I am usually cynical of a lot of the NGOs on Burma. Even though well intentioned, most get so caught up in visions and mission statements and paper-work that rarely any result is seem on grassroots. I love the progress that Doh Eain is making. As a donor, I felt that my money was used in the exact way that you promised. I want to applaud your work and thank you for all that effort - A donor of the Alley Garden Project