Our Team

Emilie Röell - Founder & Director

Emilie has been based in Myanmar since early 2013 working on heritage and nature conservation. An anthropologist by training, she is interested in social business opportunities that make use of and preserve cultural and natural capital while also creating sustainable community impact. Emilie is the founder and director of Doh Eain, focusing on overall business development.

Beverley Salmon - Deputy Director

Beverleys expertise is in resilient rural & urban development in an international context, and heritage conservation of historic buildings. She has been involved in all aspects of sustainable building & infrastructure projects throughout Asia & Africa. Her project process has focused on community engagement, participatory design and working with local stakeholders. Previous experience includes eco-tourism projects in Africa, heritage restorations in the UK and internationally, and in work with development NGOs, international donors and Governments. She is particularly passionate about low-tech sustainable interventions.

Jerome Sterckx - Head of Property Management

A recovered former investment banker working in the US and the UK, Jerome landed in Yangon in 2014 and found himself opening a yoga studio shortly after. Supported by a thriving community, a vegan restaurant and a spa followed. Experiencing first hand the power of community building through these ventures, Jerome joined Doh Eain in 2018 as am interim-CFO to scale up his impact armed with spreadsheets, ledgers and cash books. He's now taken those skills and keen eye to our Property Management.

Kate Minns - Head of Placemaking

Kate has over 15 years experience practicing as an architect, placemaker and educator in London. She graduated from Bath University in the UK with a MA in Architecture and went on to work on a number of significant historic buildings & sites in the UK, covering private and public buildings and spaces and working at all scales, from strategic masterplans to community pavilions. Kate has an acute eye for the special character of a place and its existing assets. She is driven by working with citizens towards a common vision for their buildings, spaces and cities through community governance and participatory practice.

Guy Naylor - Head of Restoration

Guy has worked on a wide range of developments as a project leader ranging from World Heritage sites, to $6M high end residential homes, to $20M apartment complexes, to $450M shopping precincts. Guy has extensive experience of working with large consultant teams as project leader to deliver these projects. Having worked on a number of heritage and residential developments in Perth, Australia and London, UK Guy now has a thorough understanding of what is required to document and deliver these types of developments. Guy has documented and overseen a number of projects during his career which have been completed on time and on budget. Good communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as a thorough construction knowledgebase were essential in all of the projects mentioned above. Two years working for a builder has given Guy invaluable experience ‘from the other side’ assisting greatly with tender review and analysis.

Myrte Mijnders - Head of Capacity Building

Myrte loves to inspire and train people in creating sustainable solutions for complex problems by improving their skills. She enjoyed doing this as a teacher at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies before moving to Yangon. Next to teaching, she is passionate about urban sustainability and is one of the founders of green initiative ‘Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte’ in Amsterdam. At Doh Eain, she is able to combine both of her passions - Inspiring and training residents in engaging their community and having a positive impact on Yangon’s urban spaces.

Anna Livia Cullinan - Head of Community Engagement and Research

Anna livia is the Head of Community Engagement and Research. In 2019 she led the development and implementation of the Girl-led Placemaking project with the support of the SPRING Accelerator. Her current focus is scaling this initiative and girl focus throughout Doh Eain's work as well as continuing to expand and improve Doh Eain's inclusive design methods. She recieved her MSc in Building and Urban Design in Development at the University College London in 2017. Since moving to Yangon she has worked on the 491-501 Merchant Street restoration project and Heritage Works Yangon, for both projects she was the creative director for the community outreach and cultural programming. Before studying urban design Anna livia worked as a set decorator for feature films and commercials in Los Angeles and received a BA in history from Trinity College Dublin

Thomas Sale - Project Manager

Tom is an architectural designer from the UK. Over the past 8 years, he has achieved his Bachelors and Masters in Architecture while expanding his skill set as an architectural designer, project manager and community-based placemaker. During his MA Architecture course, at the University of the West of England, he developed his approach and passion for urban improvement. As one of Doh Eain's project managers, he aims to offer a strategic and architectural perspective to the public space projects. Hoping to advocate opportunities to facilitate acts by, with and for Myanmar citizens to benefit the future of everyday urban life.

Tun Ye Wai - Architect

A True Yangonian and an architect. He has worked in Myanmar Architecture industry for four years after graduating from Australia. Tun has always been fascinated by the architecture heritage of Yangon. He always dream of making Yangon a better place be getting involved with the projects that revitalize the built-environment of Yangon. With his education and experience, he visions himself to be an architect who contribute contributes to the society and habitat with the knowledge of design and architecture.​

Jordan Aungye Paing - Design & Construction Officer

A young architecture-graduate joined Doh Eain since early days and is instrumental to the architectural and restoration projects. Jordan is a Yangon native with huge passion on heritage buildings and public spaces. Prior to joining Doh Eain as his first architectural job, he served as a freelance journalist traveling around the country for insightful stories. Jordan has a deep commitment to fostering a culture of sustainable urban innovation and heritage revitalization. He believes architecture is a language of the urban environment of a city.

Swan Yee Tun Lwin - Landscape Designer

Swan graduated summa cum laude (Highest Honors) from Berkeley City College concentrating in Natural Sciences before transferring to University of California, Berkeley to complete her B.A. in Landscape Architecture with a focus in City and Regional Planning. She became interested in public spaces after experiencing the difference it makes on the quality of life for residents first hand while studying abroad in Singapore. In the face of climate change, she hopes to incorporate natural systems and elements with the city through her designs for a more livable and sustainable urban landscape.

Yoon Ei Kyaw - Experience Designer & Events Organiser

Yoon, graduated with Architecture from Thanlyin Technological University, practiced as a junior architect for 2 and half years. Since she had practiced as an architect, she spent most of her free times as a volunteer in Art exhibitions and walking tours. Now, studying her post graduated diploma in Myanmar History and Culture. Her favorite things in Yangon are its old buildings and multicultural neighborhood. She is enthusiastic to rejuvenate every town in Myanmar as a livable place by promoting its heritage, believing in preservation as well as educating is the best way to sustain the heritage of her native land. Therefore she has joined Doh Eain to design a better urban environment from a corner as an Experience Designer & Events Organiser.

Cho Cho Shwe - Architect

Cho is a practicing architect, graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture at 2012 and has gained more than five years of experience in Architecture. She had been involved in the Secretariat Building Conservation Project and has been working to become a heritage conservation architect. She believes that Myanmar has intrinsic and unique historical heritage and built environment but no specific laws and regulations yet, which is the main reason she joined Doh Eain to preserve and conserve the Yangon’s built heritage as much as possible.

Thiri Khin - Accounting & HR Officer

Thiri graduated from the Yangon University of Computer Studies, specializing in computer science. She has been working for five years in accounting field before Doh Eain, studying her ACCA Part II in parallel. Thiri will be working alongside the CFO for Doh Eain's accounting and HR functions.

Gulam Hla Tin - Operations Manager

Gulam is a former sea man and “jack of all trades”. Gulam’s apartment was the first renovation project under Doh Eain, and he has been involved in all other projects since. Gulam helps oversee construction works, maintenance and supports our tenants.

Aye Yadanar Soe - Community Engagement Officer

Aye Yadanar Soe, graduated from West Yangon Technological University with Bachelor of Architecture, is an Architect with 3 years of experience. She always wants to design and create a space or find an effective ways of solving problems for what people need and want, and make some good impact on people's lifestyle and community. She believes she can contribute a real change for community by understanding their concerns, needs and values as a community engagement officer. That is why she joined Doh Eain to make a Yangon a more livable and sustainable city.

Shwun Lei Lei Htun - Community Engagement Officer

Shwun graduated from National Management Degree College specialized in English for Professional Purposes. She loves to do volunteering and participate in extracurricular activities during her university life. She works as a digital marketing freelancer right away she got her degree. While she is working as a freelancer, she volunteered at Doh Eain. These experiences lead her to be a part of the team. As she wants to devote her life for making Myanmar more sustainable place, she joins Doh Eain to do great impact for the country.

Hein Htet Aung - Graphic Designer

Hein Htet is a professional graphic designer who is passionate not only in visual designs and videos, also in urban design. Finishing his Bachelor’s in Computer Science, he pursued further education in design and animation in Singapore. He also used to work as an event designer in Singapore. Applying his experiences in design industry for more than 4 years, he is bringing his creativity and enthusiasm in urban design and Placemaking projects of Doh Eain.

Thurane Win - Property Management Officer

Thurane got his degree in Economics and the course in English licensed tour guide. He used to work in a telecom organization as a project coordinator before joining Doh Eain. He first joined Doh Eain as a part-time guide and is now working as property management officer at Doh Eain starting in 2018. He is responsible for the marketing of heritage restoration proposition to home owners, and the tenants.​

Zaw Naing - Construction Officer

Zaw Naing came from Yaw Region, attended Technological University of Pakokku from 2007 to 2012 and received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. He was involved in several projects such as warehouse construction, residential buildings and interior decorations for the clients of Myanma Awba Co.Ltd and Gamone Pwint Shopping Centre before joining Doh Eain. He aims to bring his skillset and experiences to oversee our restoration projects.

Joseph Kap Pi - Construction Officer

Joseph Kap Pi is a graduate from the Kalay University of Science and Technology in the Sagaing Region in Myanmar. Following his graduation in 2008, he moved to Thailand to study further at the STTC @ Science and Technology Training Centre. Here he met the founder of a.gor.a Architects, Albert Olmo-Company, and went on to help build a migrant school, temporary dormitories for migrant youth, as well as the Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot. Joseph joined Doh Eain in Yangon in 2017, and now is the main point of contact for all construction projects as the lead Construction Officer.


Daniel Roca - Photographer

Daniel is an international travel writer, photographer, editor and creative consultant who has journeyed across 25 different countries in Asia, Europe, the Near‐East and North America. He has spent the last five years living in Myanmar documenting people, food, culture, society, and the natural landscape. In 2009, he received the Carol Crowe Memorial Scholarship in Photography from the Glassell School of Art, and was awarded the 2013 Suzanne Tito Prize in Poetry from Alligator Juniper National Literary Journal.

Kerstin Duell - Photographer

Kerstin has worked in Myanmar in different capacities and holds a PhD from the National University of Singapore on Burmese politics, non-traditional security and IR. Her photos appeared on book and magazine covers, media and NGO publications. She was nominated for the Asia-Europe Foundation’s “Emerging Photographers' Forum” and the BMW Foundation’s “Asia-Europe Young Leaders Forum”. Olympus Singapore sponsored her from 2006-2014. Kerstin is passionate about Doh Eain’s quest to empower local residents in the preservation of heritage and their livelihoods in this bustling, unique city.

Ann Wang - Photojournalist

Ann has been based in Myanmar since 2015 as a photojournalist. Her work has taken her across Myanmar following Aung San Suu Kyi ‘s campaign trail, document everyday people trapped in the still on-going civil war within the country and also at the border with China. She focuses on the untold stories including conflict, immigration and gender issue. You can see her work at www.annwphoto.com. Ann has generously volunteered to document all projects for Doh Eain.

Our Friends

Besides our dedicated team, we have friends of Doh Eain helping us out with their expertise. If you would like to support Doh Eain as a friend, check how you can get involved and contact us.